I have worked for several different employers and clients over the years, among them:

Tumble 'N Dry: Front-end Development & UX design for a Children's clothing store.

Developing different interactive cart-enhancing features and campaign related pages with JavaScript and Liquid.

@Bayer Pharmaceuticals

As a Digital Excellence Manager, maintaining a content platform for medical specialists, Online Marketing, Analytics, UX for a Pharmaceutical company

Increasing the effectiveness of the Analytics set-up, writing user-stories for a global brand transition, and managing the Health Care Professional platform with new content as it relates to several of Bayer's therapeutic specialisms.

@Building Heroes

Online Marketing / Product Ownership / UX Design for a Staffing Agency in Construction

Executing online marketing campaigns for attracting quality candidates and traffic; creating assets for online marketing; improving current website UX and aiding in the conception of new platform initiatives:  Construction University.

@UNET Online Marketing /

Product Ownership / UX Design for a Telecommunications company

Improving the e-commerce experience for B2B-customers and Conversion-Rate Optimization with the help of the development team; managing and executing online campaigns for increasing quality traffic to the website.

@IPG MediabrandsProgrammatic and Digital Campaign Management for various sectors like Banking (ABN AMRO), Energy companies(Vattenfall, Exxon) and Retail companies (Dr. Oetker, Coca Cola).